“Great service always available to help out and wonderful knowledge backed by experience”

– Gevork S.

“Save yourself time, energy and money”

Just go with this company. You will hardly find a more reliable company. After consulting with Southern California POS Systems, they made a recommendation that I seconded guessed because I’d never seen the system on the market before. They convinced me it was the best system, and I am glad they did. Khalid personally explains everything clearly, and his experience really makes the difference. The system they recommended works amazingly well, and I’m pleased to say that it has helped us scale our business measurably. Feel free to reach me for a personal reference. Excellent job Southern California POS Systems!

Issac B.

“Head and shoulders above the rest”

I have met with way too many POS companies in the past. This company is head, and shoulders above the rest. The CEO himself still calls on business, and is personally involved in making the deal. They knew how to hone in what was important to me in my business, and they presented me with a business system that addressed each of my concerns. They were there during the installation, they answered the phone after they made the sale, they really cared about my business, and it showed. Honestly, with all of the options they provide, I really don’t see any reason you should want to call someone else. I would recommend them to my closest friends, and family.

Ryan C.

Let us help you find the right system for your business

“I highly recommend meeting with them”

I had been dissatisfied with my Aloha system. After being hounded to update my software just to be able to accept chip cards I decided to meet with Southern California POS Systems. They were professional, and they took the time to learn about my business! They recommended Harbortouch Elite out of over 7 options they told me about. Installation went seamlessly and they stuck around to train my staff. The system integrates with DoorDash so I was able to get rid of that tablet, and the others are on the way. They gave me an unbelievable price with no software upgrade fees! I have no idea why I stuck with Aloha for so long but I am so happy with the new system. I highly recommend meeting with them.

Jason R.

“I wouldn’t think twice about recommending this company”

Top rate company. Honest, reliable and fair. I had Toast POS before meeting this company. They refer to Toast as well, but I wasn’t happy with Toast, the customer service wasn’t great and the add-ons were expensive. They learned more about my business, then recommended Harbortouch. I was hesitant to got with that system as I haven’t seen it in the market here in San Diego, and the reviews weren’t very good. I did go with that recommendation, and 3 months in, I am super happy that I went with it. The system is better than Toast, and cost me a ton less. They provided extensive training, but my team learned how to use the front-end in less than 30 minutes. I wouldn’t think twice about recommending this company to any restaurant or bar owner!

Thomas S.

"Khalid really has taken care of us since the day we opened. "

From the very first day he came and introduced himself to us and our business, he has stuck with us ever since. He is always coming by and helping our new employees, answering our calls when we need and he never hesitates to come by and check in and make sure everything is going good. We will use Southern California POS Systems for all the restaurants we open. Thanks for an amazing connection!

Fire Birds1

“What I loved best about the experience is the service”

This is my first business venture. I was bombarded with POS companies wanting to sell me their brand, and merchant services companies promising the best rate ever. I am glad I took time to meet with several of them, because when I met Southern California POS Systems they stood out above the rest. I was glad that they offered several different brands, and weren’t trying to force one system down my throat. I really felt like it was more of a consultation than sales call. They recommended a system that did everything I needed, and so much more! I’m not sure they can do this for everyone but they actually covered the cost of the POS system!!! I was super skeptical but they really did deliver, and install a cutting-edge system; it cost me nothing up-front. What I loved best about the experience is the service, although they practically gave me the system for free, they have serviced us like we spent a million dollars, awesome! Also, they took care of the merchant services, can you say one-stop shopping? I recommend Southern California POS Systems!

Earl T.

“They magically showed up the next day to fix it”

Service, Service, and more Service. I love this company. I don’t typically write reviews because I feel companies should do what I pay them for, but in this case I’m going to make an exceptions. This is the best POS, and payment processing company I have ever worked with. They answer the phone, they provide top notch service, and their prices are very reasonable. They came down to my location to install equipment, and train my staff. Then without me having to ask they came again a week later for follow up training. Then a month later, they came again to provide more training. I had one hiccup, they magically showed up the same day to fix it! They gave me a fair price, excellent processing rates, and super service. I couldn’t be happier, go Southern California POS Systems!!! If you are looking for a company that will provide you the service you need, these guys are your go to.

Ali R.