Welcome to SoCal POS Systems. Serving businesses exclusively in Southern California. Our unique style offers an easy three-stage process for getting the right POS System installed.

Complete Business Review


Systems that will help take you to the next level.
Strategy Consultation


Systems that will help take you to the next level.

We start by reviewing your defined sales, marketing, operations, and growth strategy. By honing in on your business strategy, we take the first step in finding the best POS system for your business. Identifying the right Point-of-Sale system is the key to unlocking the benefits that come along with the POS systems.

Our experts will take time to guide you through a conversation that will help uncover areas that can be improved and which system would be best to help you accomplish your goals. With a clear strategy in mind, we can then recommend POS systems that will help you to take you to the next level.


Get the options you want. Save time, energy and money.
Let's Talk POS Systems


Get the options you want. Save time, energy, and money.

Each business is unique and may require a different point-of-sale system than another. We have found that the one-size-fits-all approach is not ideal when choosing a POS System. Southern California POS Systems has the experience and industry knowledge to help you choose the right POS system. Being a certified dealer for many different POS systems allows us to take a client-centered approach during the selection process. Unlike our competitors who offer one brand and push it on every business equally, we have multiple options available.

Our clients find that having Instant Payment Professionals in their corner gives them the options they want while saving them time, energy, and money.


Local, in-person, live installation training
Let's Talk Implementation!


Local, in-person, installation and live training.

The most common mistake business owners make when it comes to point-of-sale systems is choosing a POS system without the necessary professional installation and training. If your POS system isn’t set-up properly, and if you don’t receive comprehensive training on how to use it, then how much that isn’t costs doesn’t matter. Do it yourself installs with training videos will only get you so far. At SoCal POS systems, we offer local, in-person, live installation with training.

Additionally, we offer comprehensive training programs that will ensure your employees have a firm grasp on how to use all of the necessary functions. Our comprehensive training program will provide for hours of training with managers and owners on how to train future employees and how to maximize the use of advanced backend functions.

About Us

With hundreds of POS system options on the market today, how do you choose the right system for your business? Southern California POS Systems will help you find the right POS system by taking the time to learn about your business and then make a recommendation based on the way you do business. Being a certified dealer with multiple brands, Southern California POS Systems is uniquely suited to provide you with options at factory direct pricing.

Who are we?

We are a group of dedicated professionals with over 20 years of POS system and business experience. We are a locally-owned business that provides exceptional service that will meet or exceed even the most discriminating expectations. We maintain an excellent reputation as the best company for all of your POS systems needs. Find out why 99% of our customers highly recommend using our service!

Our mission

With a commitment to excellence and a client-centered approach to help find the POS technology that will simplify business.


Tableside Solutions

Let's Get You Tableside!

Tableside Solutions

Turn-tables faster by taking orders right at the table, keep your servers on the floor longer with portable devices, and save valuable time with tableside payment options. How much more time could your servers spend on the floor? How many more tables could you turn if you had tableside solutions?

Mobile Solutions

Let's Get You Mobile!

Mobile Solutions

We provide tableside and other mobile devices that allow you to do more! Take payments on the go that will integrate with your POS or offer an all-in-one solution.

Tableside Solutions

Let's Get You Tableside!

Card Processing

Get a great rate along with equipment that will accept payments the way your clients want to pay. Apple Pay, Android Pay, NFC, and EMV are standard in all of our systems! At Instant Payment Professionals, we offer one-stop for not only your POS needs but your merchant account as well.

Loyalty Programs

Keeping your customers coming back is more important than ever. We offer POS systems that will integrate your loyalty program or provide you with a new one. Track, reward, and engage with your customers right from your POS system!

Integrated Marketing

More and more businesses are recognizing that keeping their customers engaged means increased profit. We offer POS systems with customizable email templates that will go out when you want and to any customer group that you want.

Cloud Function

The power of the cloud is undeniable. We offer systems that allow you to securely see how business is from anywhere with any internet-connected device. Additionally, making changes to your system can be done from anywhere in real-time with to touch of a button.

Training and Support


Comprehensive training program

After selecting a POS system, we will tailor training solutions specifically designed for the type of business you have. The size of your business will determine the amount of comprehensive training required. We will complete your training over multiple days. Your training program will include a pre-install overview, an in-person, non-business hours training, more training at launch with one of our expert trainers. You will also receive follow-up live training, support over two weeks, and advanced backend training with managers and owners.


Live training program

Live training allows us to show your staff how to use the POS while situations occur organically. Having one of our experts present during business hours enables your employees to feel confident in the system, have any questions that arise answered instantly. This training program sets us apart from our competition, as we will be onsite during your busiest hours, even if that is at midnight.


Local Support

Tired of long waits for technical support with someone overseas? One benefit of using SoCal POS Systems is the added level of support you receive at no additional cost! 24/7/365 technical support is available from all of our brands that support is made local with our office from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm Monday through Friday except holidays.

Sell and service exclusively in Southern California

Sell and service exclusively in Southern California.

A native San Diegaan started Southern California in San Diego for Southern California based businesses. Unlike our competitors, we focus our efforts solely on Southern California to provide the best support possible. By keeping our efforts in the community, we can offer an unequaled level of service that has earned us our 5-start rating.

One Source

POS System

Certified and authorized dealer for over 10 brands. We offer a wide variety of systems that suit business large or small. Find the right system for your location with a brief consultation that will help to determine the right brand or by using our system predictor, click here.

Loan Program

Let's Get a Loan

Loan Programs

Being a one-stop-shop means that we got you covered on all sides. We partners with multiple lenders to allow you the start-up or working capital right when you need it. Ask to one of our team members about loan programs today!

Payment Procession

Let's Go Low Rates!

Payment Processing

We understand payment processing and offer exceptional rates based on the way you do business. Our programs vary with the type of business you are running. For example, coffee shops will typically have alower average ticket price than a clothing store, and they will need to be on different programs to allow them to pay the lowest possible card fees. At Instant Payment Professionals, we offer a one-stop-shop for all your needs!

Local Support

Let's Go Support

Local Support

Sometimes you just need help now. Our local support is meant for one of those moments. We are local, our offices our right here in San Diego, and we answer the phone! Long waits for technical support, chat functions, and overseas accents are things of the past. With Instant Payment Professionals we are just a phone call away to help with any number of issues over the phone or we will send someone down to your location within minutes!


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