Narrow Down Options

With so many options on the market, and many options to choose from with us, getting the right Point-of-Sale system can be overwhelming and confusing. We quickly narrow down the options by eliminating systems that won’t accomplish what you want, and by considering budgeting restrictions. Since the POS selection is arguably the most important step, we spend an appropriate amount of time understanding your business model and asking questions. We make sure that no stone is left unturned to make certain that once we recommend a POS system, it is the right one for your business! An initial step you can take now is visiting our systems page and answer some primary questions, this will give you a good idea of the systems that will likely fit your business style.


Once we have a system or two that look like they will work well, we arrange a demo to see it. Most demos can be done live at your location, at our offices or virtually through a Zoom meeting. We can bring down a unit to your location, and demonstrate all of the pertinent features as well as allow you to see how the system operates in real-time. The demo of the POS System offers the ability to ask more questions about capability, functionality, see the user interface, and examine the backend and reporting features. Once a system is demonstrated you will be 80% of the way to deciding if that system meets your needs as previously discussed or not. Ready to see one live?

Would you benefit from a live demo of one of out Point of Sales Systems?

We can bring down a unit to your location, and demonstrate all of the pertinent features as well as allow you to see how the system operates in real-time.

View at Active Locations

The proof is in the pudding. At SoCal POS we have successfully launched multiple systems throughout Southern California. We will arrange a meeting at any one of our partner’s locations and allow you to see it in action. We can meet at your convenience at a predetermined location to witness the system in action during a busy or slow time. Unlike other POS system companies we have excellent long-term relationships with our partners, and they are all glad to display the systems we implement for future clients. You can rest assured that moving forward with SoCal POS is the right move; we view all of our clients as long term partners!

Talk to End-Users

Of course in todays day and age most people don’t more forward until they Google it first. Checking online reviews, and more online reviews is standard operating procedure. However, online reviews will only get you so far. Wouldn’t it be great to get a real opinion about how the POS system functions, what its like to do business with SoCal POS Systems, and what to expect in the future? Well, you can! We let our track record lead the way, we are glad to arrange conversations with business owners and end users. We want to be completely transparent about how systems function, limitations they may have, our customer service, any technical difficulties that may arise and more importantly how we handle those difficulties when they happen. We are confident that once you see our systems in a demo, view them active at another location, and talk to some users you will be 100% ready to move forward with us for your POS System needs.