100% of our POS Systems are delivered fully built out. We make sure that all of the buttons function, the menu is complete, the items print to the appropriate locations, the user interface is easy to operate, and that the POS system is functional before we install. Our technicians will spend time with our staff to make sure we understand how you want the system to work. Many of our POS systems are highly customizable; we will make sure to review all of the features before we build it out. After we have the POS system ready, we offer a front-end review with your staff again to be sure that it is the way you want it. We will continue to refine the system over the first few weeks to get it exactly the way you want it.


Our installations are as seamless as possible. We coordinate with your network engineer to make sure the system functions optimally. If you don’t have a network person, don’t worry; our expert network engineers will go to work for you. We will pick a time that works best for installation, typically on a day that you are closed for business. If you are always open, we got it covered; we will come in when you are closed, even if that is at 2:00 am. We have experience in dealing with the most logistically challenging sites. At SoCal POS Systems, our number one concern is making sure the installation goes smoothly as not to cost you any downtime.

Benefit from comprehensive training!

Our training covers everything you need to know from understanding the ins and outs of your Point of Sale system, how to practically use it and how to benefit from easily-to-overlook features.  


Training is where we excel! We offer training at multiple stages throughout the process. Our training starts with brief videos that will give your employees and managers insight on how to use the POS system. We continue training at installation with your managers first. Our training is during a time that there are no customers to allow your employees to practice using the POS System without the pressure of customers waiting.

After we have spent 1-2 hours training your managers, we spend an additional 1-2 hours with your employees to make sure they understand the front end and how to place orders, move tables, split tickets, and operate the POS system proficiently. Once we finish this portion of the training, we are about 25% of the way there.

The next step is to be on-site for live training. We have a technician on-site during any time you are busy to ensure the system is functioning as expected and to answer questions arise. Live training is when your employees start to understand the POS system comprehensively.
Continued training will happen over the next two weeks. We will meet with managers again to show them how to add items, remove items, edit the pricing, and run reports. Advanced training with managers/owners is also part of our comprehensive training package. During this phase, we can implement advanced integrations; and learn about more features.

We hold one more training session to address concerns or questions that presented themselves over the two weeks after launch.

Continued Support

We are here, we are local, and we are involved. Continued support is a built-in feature with all of our POS Systems. We equip all of our POS systems with remote access, allowing our techs remote access to your site 24/7/365. At SoCal POS systems we view each client as a long-term partner. Are you ready to start the process?