There is no doubt that your customers are evolving. Things are changing faster than ever before, and it is an exciting but stressful transition. Customers demand more, want to pay less, have many more options, and they want everything at speeds that make jets seem slow. Technology has always been the catalyst that fueled these transitions, and having the latest technology to keep up with these changes has never been more required. There is also no doubt that if you don’t keep up with your evolving customers, they will likely seek out businesses that will.

Leverage our years of experience

When working with Southern California Point-of-Sale systems, we begin each of our conversations by talking about past strategies and discuss a future strategy to capture repeat and referring customers. With a concrete understanding of how your business operates; and how your business would like to function we can recommend the technologies that will bridge that gap. According to a study published by Bryant University, 79% of successful business owners interviewed (10 years in business with year over year growth) stated that their POS system was a crucial component in operating their business. There are quite a few studies that back up the findings that POS systems are one of the most valuable pieces of technology business will possess. With SoCal POS, you can rest assured that we have the necessary tools to provide the best POS experience possible.

What you can expect

Some of the topics we cover during our discovery call include:

  • What does the customer experience look like from the moment they make contact with your business whether that’s by visiting virtually or at your location? What the wait is like to be seated and served, how their orders are placed, the time it takes to fulfill that order, the repeat order process, and exit experience.
  • How long it takes you to compile information about how your business is operating and what that process looks like? How many reports do you currently run, and what sort of information do you want to see or could use to make more informed decisions?
  • How you currently market to your clients, and what that process looks like?
  • What your social media looks like, and what process do you have in place to keep up with Yelp, Google, Facebook, OpenTable, and other review sites?
  • How you manage multiple locations, make changes to menus or inventory updates, and how long that process takes?
  • Site-specific topics that may be unique to the way you do business, your customer base, and your specific needs or wants.
  • There are other topics to be discussed during our conversation; the above gives you a brief outline.

At SoCal POS, we are genuinely interested in helping you create a solid plan that will help your business realize its true potential.

Your time spent with us will be well-used, regardless of whether you obtain one of our excellent POS systems or not. You will have greater insight into market trends, available technologies, and plenty of food-for-thought. Invest some time back into your business and schedule a discovery call with us. Our low-pressure style will keep you focused on what matters most, your business!