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Streamline inventory management
Know what’s in stock, manage purchase orders, receive re-order points to replenish low or out-of-stock inventory, and streamline inventory counts with a handheld device.

Quick transactions. Fewer errors with customized hot keys
Use hot keys to look up produce and other non-barcoded items. Sort products to quickly navigate through items and eliminate cashier errors. Hot keys ultimately reduce checkout time by eliminating the need for sorting through PLU numbers.

Pain-free employee management
Gauge productivity, manage clock in and clock out schedules, set employee-level pay rates, program security levels and permissions and make better staffing decisions.

Customer loyalty and sales history
Track buying patterns and create promos to retain current customers and win new business. With the integrate loyalty program (including the ability to assign loyalty cards to individual customers), it’s easier for you to generate repeat business.

Group products with mix and match pricing to drive sales
Imcreases sales and more inventory by easily drouping products into enticing deals.

Scale integration
With integrated scanner scales, standalone scales, and deli scales, you can accelerate checkout by automatically ringing up weighted items.

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