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Powerful features for the Hospitality industry

Quick Service Functionality

  • Conversational Ordering option
  • Extensive coupon capabilities
  • Both auto-combo meal detection and preset meal deals
  • Multiple options for sorting and consolidating items on prep slips and kitchen displays
  • Support for Single and Dual drive-thru setups
  • Banks and Skims for cash accountability and alerts
  • Product projections for preparation

Kitchen Display

  • Send menu items to the kitchen and prep stations based on the length of time preparation takes.
  • Individual prep stations can view the items they are responsible for by item.
  • When an order is complete, the order will turn green and bump to the head of the expeditor’s line.
  • When the expeditor bumps an order, a Runner’s slip will print.
  • Multiple display formats including windowed and variable.

Manage your restaurant. Manage your workforce

Labor Management

  • Track time and attendance

  • Build and enforce schedules based on forecasts, budget or templates

  • Generate payroll reports

  • Validate employee clock in/out

  • Manage new hires, transfers and terminations

Table Management

  • Manage table turns
  • Up to six definable color changes to show table status
  • Easily see the status of an order in the kitchen
  • View seat map by server, time, or section


  • Caller ID integration to automatically identify the caller from your customer database
  • Driver management with dispatch tools, order timing, and cash accountability
  • Easily reorder from a customer’s order history
  • Multiple customer accounts can be assigned to the same delivery address, ideal for office buildings
  • Delivery zone customization

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