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Connect front & back of house

Keep your lines of communication humming
Assign orders to courses and fire when desired, or fire together and let the kitchen pace the meal. Easily include special guest requests in order notes.

Make orders more precise
Customize orders with descriptive modifiers like “extra cheese” or “sauce on the side.” You can also link the right orders to the right guests.

Fire orders on the spot
Fire orders to your kitchen the moment they’re placed—and change them even after they’re fired.

Streamline payments

All the ways they want to pay
Contactless and mobile. Gift card or check. Credit or debit. Digital wallet including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Split the bill
Split it the way your guests desire: by guest, item, or custom amount. No limitations, no conditions, no hassle.

Take payments worry-free
WiFi down? No worries. Flex and Mini have LTE built in, so your business is always on.

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